What’s the Difference between Removing and Deleting an App?

There are many reasons you might want to get rid of apps from your iPhone or iPad. To begin you can either:

  1. Touch and hold on a blank spot or an app icon on the Home Screen to enter “jiggle mode.” Then tap the ⊝ icon for any app, or
  2. Touch and hold an app icon long enough for a menu to appear. Let go before the jiggling starts and you can choose “Delete app” from the dropdown menu.

You will see the question about whether to delete the app entirely or merely remove it from the Home Screen. Choose Delete App if you don’t want to use it anymore or need to reclaim the space it occupies. (You can always download it from the App Store again.) Choose Remove from Home Screen if you want to reduce clutter but keep the app on your device, and don’t mind opening it from the App Library (swipe left past all the Home Screens) or from Search (swipe down from the middle of the screen).

Personally, I only keep the apps I use daily on my Home Screen. The rest I find in my App Library or by searching.

Delete App or Remove from Home Screen?

(Featured image based on an original by iStock.com/Photosbypatrik)