Do people send you calendar invites but you don’t receive them?

If someone sends you a calendar invite but you don’t receive it, it’s very likely a very particular problem with a not-so-obvious solution. You likely have an iCloud account but you do not have iCloud Calendar enabled on your devices. When the sender sends an invite from their own iCloud calendar, Apple’s system sees that you (the recipient) is also on iCloud so instead of sending you an email Apple puts the invite right in your Calendar program. It’s very convenient if you are using iCloud Calendar. The problem is, if you don’t use iCloud Calendar (Maybe you’re using Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar instead) that invite never gets to you and just hangs out in your iCloud account.

To fix the problem the easiest way is to turn iCloud Calendar on in your settings. Just go into your iCloud settings on each of your devices and turn it on.

However, if you don’t want an additional calendar system or if you want to have these invites in your email so they can go into the calendar system you already use there is another way.

  1. Visit from any web browser. Log in with your iCloud account and click the Calendar icon.
  2. Click the gear in the bottom left corner of the screen then Preferences.
  3. Switch to the Advanced tab and look at the last item. Choose to have your invites delivered by email rather than in-app, and click save.

Hopefully someday Apple decides to implement a feature that will create email invites if they detect that your devices aren’t using the Apple Calendar system. Until then, this is what you’ll have to do.

Further Help

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