View and Copy Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in iOS 16

The iPhone and iPad have long allowed you to share Wi-Fi passwords with other nearby devices and people as long as they were in your Contacts list. But you couldn’t see those passwords, which is handy for sharing with non-Apple users and devices. On Mac, you have always been able to find them in the Keychain if you knew where to look. In iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, you can now view and copy the stored Wi-Fi password for either the current network or any remembered network. In the Settings app > Wi-Fi, next to a network’s name (tap Edit at the top right to view stored networks that are not nearby), tap the blue information icon, tap Password. You will be asked to enter your passcode or authenticate with Face ID/Touch ID. If desired, tap Copy to copy to the clipboard for pasting in another app, such as Mail or Messages.

For a video demo see below:

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