Use the Driving ETA Feature in iOS 13’s Maps App to Share Your Arrival Time

A small but welcome new feature of iOS 13 is Driving ETA, which helps you share your estimated time of arrival with a contact whenever you’re navigating with the Maps app. To use Driving ETA, start navigating to a destination in Maps, tap Share ETA at the bottom of the screen, and pick the person with whom you want to share your location and arrival time. (You’ll share in Maps with iOS 13 users and via Messages with everyone else.) The other person will receive a notification of your ETA and if you’re delayed, updated times. You do have to start navigation in Maps to use Driving ETA, so it’s a little inconvenient when you already know the route, but it’s a brilliant feature for long-distance trips.

If you haven’t given Apple Maps a look lately, over the past several years Apple has done a great job of bringing it up to par and I’ve been very happy with the latest updates, especially with the entirely redesigned maps that are available in the Southwest and Northeast US.

If your recipient doesn’t receive the notification, it could be that they turned off notifications for Apple Maps. To re-enable it they will need to go on their iPhone to Settings > Notifications > Maps, and make sure that the options they have chosen make sense for their needs.

(Featured image by Dan Gold on Unsplash)