Today’s Apple Event: Peek Performance

Today Apple held a virtual event as they often do in March announcing some new products. Specifically, they announced the new iPhone SE, the fifth-generation iPad Air, their new prosumer Studio Display, and one of the fastest computers ever made: the Mac Studio. As I do every event, I try to distill this down to the basics: what, when, and how much. Watch the full video if you want or scroll down for my short version.

iPhone SE

Preorders begin March 11 at 8am Eastern / 5am Pacific
Delivery begins March 18

The next generation of the iPhone SE is cosmetically identical to iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 8. But it has the same A15 processor as the iPhone 13. Compared to the last iPhone SE model, this one has an improved battery life, improved speed, and 5G cellular capability. Though it does lack mmWave 5G, which honestly isn’t particularly valuable in a phone yet. It is a very good phone at a great price point and is now the lowest cost 5G smartphone from any manufacturer. But just because it carries the same processor as the iPhone 13 it doesn’t mean it’s the same. The screen is smaller even though the body is almost the same size, it has much less battery life, it’s less durable, the camera is not as good, and it doesn’t have MagSafe wireless charging. But if you’re looking for a budget phone you can’t argue with the price.

iPad Air

Starts at $599
Preorders begin March 11 at 8am Eastern / 5am Pacific
Delivery begins March 18

The fifth-generation iPad Air adds an M1 processor for 60% faster processing than the previous iPad Air, Ultra-Wide FaceTime camera with Center Stage, and optional 5G cellular (without mmWave)

Mac Studio

M1 Max Starts at $1,999
M1 Ultra Starts at $3,999
Preorders began immediately
Delivery begins March 18

The new product is meant to somewhat replace the 27” iMac. Most 27” iMac users are power users, and this is absolutely a power machine. Perhaps one of the most powerful computers ever created. Separating the computer from the monitor allows for more modular decisions. People who want the best can get the Mac Studio with the new Studio Display. People who need the enormous screen but only modest computing power can instead get a Mac mini with either the Studio Display or a significantly more affordable third-party monitor.

Studio Display

Preorders begin immediately
Delivery begins March 18
Adjustable height option adds $400, nanotexture glass adds $300

This 5K prosumer screen is pricy but it’s sleek and has integrated speakers and cameras which are both very high-end. Like most USB-C monitors it can also charge a laptop computer with the data cable. It’s compatible with most Macs since about 2018.


  • Spring colors for Apple Watch Bands and iPhone Cases
  • New Green option for iPhone 13 and Alpine Green for iPhone 13 Pro
  • Mac Pro now has an AMD Radeon Pro W6600X GPU upgrade option
  • Apple TV is getting Friday Night Baseball
  • New iMovie with storyboard templates available next month
  • Keyboard with Touch ID, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad are all available in black
  • macOS 12.3 and iOS 15.4 will be released next week (likely Monday or Tuesday) with a new Siri voice, Face ID with mask support, and Universal Control.