Should I buy the new iPad?

The new iPad, available to order today with release on March 16 has some great new features and further refines the iPad, though it’s not quite revolutionary. It sports a much higher quality display, voice dictation, 4G LTE, faster speeds and a better camera. If you use your iPad a lot and you can afford the upgrade, you might want to give it a go, selling your current iPad to give you a head start on the bill. But if you are just an occasional iPad user or are on a tight budget, remember that the iPad 2 is still as powerful and as magical as the day it was released last year. More, even, if you consider the software upgrades that have been released since. If you haven’t jumped on the iPad bandwagon yet but are considering it, I highly recommend getting the new iPad since it will last you longer and will hold its value better if you decide to sell it next year to put money toward the next iPad.