Something not working right on your computer? Here are things that fix some of the most common problems.

If you believe you have been hacked, the most important thing to do is remain calm so the adrenaline doesn’t cause you to make decisions you wouldn’t normally make. The vast majority of times that people are told they have been hacked it’s really just a scam. The more urgent it seems the more suspicious you should be. Common scams include:

  • An email or text telling you that your Norton or McAfee subscription is expiring (I never recommend either for Mac users)
  • A text message telling you that UPS, FedEx, etc., attempted to deliver a package. Try putting that tracking number into the UPS or FedEx website. Don’t use the link they provide.
  • A call, text, or website that says you have a virus or that your computer has been compromised. The scarier it sounds the more likely it is that it’s fake.
  • If you are talking to a customer service agent and they yell at you or get short with you, it’s almost certainly not real customer service.
  • An email invoice from QuickBooks that you didn’t expect.
  • Anyone asking you to buy a Google Play, iTunes, or other gift cards. Even if you believe you are communicating with someone you know!

Some common troubleshooting techniques: try restarting your computer, iPhone or iPad, router, modem, printer, etc. A good number of times this will fix any problems you are having, even if you think it is unrelated. Also, make sure your software is updated. Sometimes a problem you are having has already been fixed by Apple, you just have to install the fix. Here are links to some of my blog posts and Apple’s support articles to fix many common problems:

The surest way to get time with me is to book an appointment at If it’s an emergency and you don’t see any appointments soon call 415-510-2000. I may be on vacation or it might just be that my schedule is full.

If you need support from Apple you can contact them at or download their app for iPhone or iPad.

For support from other companies, you can locate them on GetHuman. Be cautious when searching the web for support because oftentimes you’ll reach a tech support scam. GetHuman is a great curated list of support phone numbers with an explanation of how to get to a live person fast.