Security Update: iOS 16.6.1, macOS 13.5.2, more

Yesterday Apple released a series of security updates for most of their current software. I recommend installing them right away (today if possible, or right now if you are involved in politics) as these updates contain a security fix for an actively used exploit. This security flaw has been used by Pegasus, which is spy software used by many governments to spy on people of interest such as journalists, politicians, and activists. Without being patched, Pegasus can be installed on your device easily by sending you a particular text message.

The released software is:

  • iOS 16.6.1
  • iPadOS 16.6.1
  • macOS 13.5.2
  • watchOS 9.6.2

Does it seem like these updates are happening with more frequency? It’s because they are. But not because of declining quality of Apple’s software. As our iPhones become more powerful, as we use them for more, and as they become more ubiquitous, they are becoming an increasingly valuable target and being hacked poses a bigger problem for us. Apple’s software has never been more secure, but the internet is becoming a more hostile place.

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