Save Mac screen space with Safari’s compact tabs

Safari for Mac has a “compact tab layout” option that saves you a small amount of screen space. Instead of having the address bar at the top with your tabs below, they are combined so that the address bar is inside of the tab. This is particularly useful for small devices like laptop computers where screen real estate is a premium. In addition, the color of the website bleeds into the bar, making the entirety of Safari feel as though it’s part of the website.

Screenshot showing the Safari Settings panel with Compact Tab Layout selected.

To enable it, go to the Safari menu > Settings or Preferences > Tabs. At the top switch to “Compact”. Give it a try. If you don’t like it you can always switch it back.

Screenshot showing Safari with the Compact Tab layout
Compact Tabs
Screenshot showing Safari with the Separate Tabs layout
Separate Tabs (the default setting)

Further help

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