Official: Apple to unveil iPhone 15 on September 12

As you may well know, every September Apple releases new iPhones. Today Apple invited the press to their Wonderlust event on September 12 at 10 am Pacific (1 pm Eastern) to unveil iPhone 15. Historically, preorders begin that Friday and deliveries begin the Friday after that.

Watching the announcement

For the past few years, the iPhone unveiling has been a prerecorded video press release rather than a live press meeting, and we expect this year will again be prerecorded. To watch “live” when the video is released, open up the Apple TV app on Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and look for the “Wonderlust” title card at 10 AM Pacific on September 12.

What do we expect to be announced?

In addition to the continual improvements to speed, battery, and the camera, each year Apple usually adds a spattering of new features. Last year the headline features were Emergency SOS via Satellite, and Always-On-Display for iPhone 14 Pro. This year we are expecting:

  • A switch from their proprietary Lightning port to the standard USB-C, just as they started doing with their laptop computers seven years ago
  • Non-Pro models are expected to get Dynamic Island
  • Switching the modem to a Qualcomm chip may result in a better cellular connection
  • Pro models may switch to a titanium frame for better durability and lighter weight
  • Pro models may replace the silence switch with a programmable button to do whatever you want
  • Pro Max may add a periscope lens, allowing for 10x optical zoom

As far as non-iPhone announcements go, we will probably see Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 announced. There are no major major rumors for these products, but they typically get released at the same time as iPhone. And Apple might also announce other details such as AirPods switching from Lightning to USB-C.

When do we get the new software and when can I order a new iPhone?

Apple hasn’t made any specific announcements yet. Though Apple usually follows a particular pattern. This means that I can say with a fair amount of certainty that we will see:

  • iPhone 15 unveiling: Tuesday, September 12, 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern) (officially confirmed)
  • iPhone 15 preorders begin: Friday, September 15, 5 AM Pacific (8 AM Eastern)
  • iOS 17 (and related software) released for existing iPhones – Monday, September 18 , 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern) (could possibly be Tuesday the 19th or even Wednesday the 20th)
  • iPhone deliveries begin – Friday, September 22
  • macOS Sonoma released – Monday, October 30 (though this date is the least sure of my predictions)

There may be some small variations. For example, sometimes iPadOS 17 gets delayed a little bit past iOS 17. And sometimes a particular model of iPhone is released a few weeks later.

How quickly should I order the new iPhone?

If you really want to get a new iPhone on launch day you should definitely order as soon as they go on pre-order at 5 AM Pacific. In the past few years, we have seen certain models, colors, and capacities sell out within 30 to 60 minutes. But some of the less popular options have been known to take a day to sell out. Even if you aren’t in a rush, if you plan on upgrading to iPhone 15 I do recommend placing your order within the first week or two because that’s when you see the best upgrade deals from cell phone providers. It doesn’t matter if they run out of stock; those specials have always been honored even if you are waitlisted. Place your order and it will get there when it gets there.

Where should I order?

You can either order directly from Apple or from your carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.). Lately, the same deals have been available from either source, but you should check both to make sure. We may not see the full details of the deals until the night before preorders open.

Further Help

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