March 2016 Apple event recap

Today at Apple’s “Let Us Loop You In” event they made several announcements. Here are the consumer-focused announcements with the concise details you want to know: What? When? How much?

OS updates
Available immediately

Apple announced software updates for virtually all of their products with added features, security, and speed. I discuss those updates more in-depth here. These are not the big annual updates, but they do offer a bit more than the standard bug fixes.

iPhone SE
$399 16GB / $499 64GB
Pre-order March 24 / Available March 31

An iPhone 6S crammed into an iPhone 5s body, for those who prefer a smaller screen and a lower price. Compatible with cases made for iPhone 5s

9.7″ iPad Pro
$599 32 GB / $749 128 GB / $899 256 GB ; cellular option +$130
Pre-orders March 24 / Available March 31

Essentially the larger iPad Pro crammed into an iPad Air body, including support for the new smaller Smart Keyboard with Smart Connector and Apple Pencil. And new True Tone technology measures the ambient light to adjust the display for optimal color consistency.

Minor details

  • Apple Watch drops to $299
  • iPad Mini 2 drops to $269
  • iPad Air 2 drops to $399
  • 12.9″ iPad Pro now has a $1,099 256 GB option
  • New woven nylon bands for Apple Watch, $49