iOS 7 released!

Apple has released their highly anticipated update for iOS 7, giving your iPhone and iPad a huge cosmetic refresh in addition to some great new features such as automatic app updates, vastly improved Siri, the new Control Center, and enhanced multitasking.

Before you install the update, make sure that your backup is current.

To install the update, connect to WiFi and (if your battery is low) to power. Go to the Settings app > General > Software update and follow the prompts.

Make sure that you immediately check for app updates, as there are a LOT this week since developers are adding new iOS 7 related features and squashing bugs. This will also give you the chance to enable the new automatic app update feature.

Also be sure to run Apple Software Update on your computer, since Apple has released a new version of iTunes that is required for syncing with iOS 7.

If you are unable to upgrade because you are out of storage space, here are some different ways to free some up:

  • How to find which iOS apps hog storage
  • Delete some Messages conversations. The text doesn’t take up much space, but if you send and receive lots of video and picture messages those can add up over time. Unfortunately, there is no way in iOS 6 to see how much space they use (that feature is added in iOS 7). But by deleting conversations from several friends I freed up about 2 GB myself. To delete a conversation go to your Messages app and while viewing your list of conversations swipe across to reveal the delete button.
  • Sign up for iTunes Match from iTunes on your computer ($24.99) and then enable it on your iPhone
  • Import your camera roll photos into iPhoto on your computer (or Picasa or your favorite photo management software), remembering to delete them from your iPhone when prompted.