iOS 7.1 restores daily list view in Calendar

With the iOS 7.1 update that Apple released last week for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, my own personal biggest gripe with iOS 7 has been addressed. With 7.0 it was difficult to browse through several days of your calendar, which required you to open each day and flick through a few screens that may or may not have content. Seeing my week “at a glance” required a good 20 to 30 taps of the screen.

No more. iOS 7 brings back the daily list/agenda view which allows you to tap a day and see a list of items for that day. But you do have to turn it on. While in your calendar month view just tap the detail button on top of the screen (as shown by the comically large blue arrow in the screenshot below). Now while in month view I can simple tap each day one at a time and get a short list of events below the calendar.