iOS 10 tip: Siri remembers where you parked

Ever forget what street you parked on? Siri remembers. More specifically it’s where your phone last disconnected from your car’s Bluetooth.

If you don’t have Bluetooth you can ask Siri to “Remember where I parked”, and you’ll be offered a screen where you can even snap a photo or take a note such as the row or level you parked your car on. Or you can ask Siri to “Remember that I parked on level 3” so she can fill in the note for you. Your iPhone will remember until you ask it to remember a new location or you connect to the car’s Bluetooth again.


If the automatic parked car location doesn’t work make sure:

  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations is on (this data is not sent to Apple or saved in your backups, it’s used solely by your iPhone to manage these sorts of things)
  • Settings > Maps > Show Parked Location is on.
  • You have a Bluetooth enabled car, and your iPhone is paired and automatically connecting/disconnecting with the car’s ignition.
  • You have your iPhone updated to iOS 10.
  • You have not deleted Apple Maps

A word of warning: if you are gone on a long trip and parked at the airport you may want to remember in a more traditional way such as snapping a photo or making a note. You don’t want to ask Siri to remember where you parked while you are in your rental car or connect to the car’s Bluetooth, or you’ll lose your saved location.