I’m in the app store now!

Available on the App Store
Available on the App Store
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I have been immortalized in a new app. Yep, that’s right. If you weren’t getting enough of me before just click the App Store link to the right.

What does it do?

The app is essentially my website and blog in app form. With it you can scroll through my free tips, browse by topic, contact me, and even schedule an appointment. What sets it apart from my website though is that now you can receive push notifications of my tips two or three times a week (maybe a bit more when big software is released).

Why not just follow my Facebook page?

In looking at the stats for my Facebook page, I found that even though I have over 1,000 followers, only about 200 or 300 people see each post in their news feed. I know not everyone wants to see every post I make, but some of you do and I want to make sure that those people don’t miss any.

What if the push notifications become annoying?

Feel free to turn off the notifications, delete my app, or do what I do and disable the sound notification. You can also customize from within the app which topics you’ll receive notifications on. That way if you don’t have a Mac you can skip Mac tips and just receive iOS-related posts. In my app go to More > Settings > Advanced push notification > Categories and tinker with the options there. I have always tried to live by the words of Amy Sedaris’s mother, “Don’t bother people.”

Why do the graphics look grainy sometimes?

The app doesn’t use retina resolution graphics, and I’m talking with the developer to hopefully fix that in a future update.

Why don’t I get notifications on my iPad?

Sorry, the iPad version doesn’t support push notifications. Hopefully that will be available soon.