How to manage your Apple Support Profile for better customer service

Apple has a Support Profile website that allows you to manage your list of Apple products, your contact information, and more. Making sure that this is fully filled out allows Apple to know a lot about which specific products you have and how best to contact you, which allows them to provide better and faster customer service. Log in and make sure that this information is up-to-date now, so that when you are frazzled because of a broken computer your experience with Apple will go more smoothly.

The Apple Support Profile website allows you to:

  • see and edit the list of products you have purchased from Apple or brought in for service in the past
  • give products nicknames, allowing you and customer service to more easily identify products
  • see support status for each product you own
  • see a history of your support requests
  • edit your shipping address for repairs
  • edit your phone number so that when you call from that number they have instant access to your account (Apple VoicePass)

Contacting Apple Support

US customers can contact iPod, Mac and iPad technical support at (800) APL-CARE (800-275-2273) or  iPhone technical support at (800) MY-IPHONE (800-694-7466). For more contact options visit

Or you have the exact right person at Apple call you by visiting their support website and clicking through the right prompts (a much more friendly alternative to touch tone prompts):