Finally, a way to delete an iCloud account

As part of compliance with the European Union’s new GDPR legislation which went into effect earlier this year, Apple has finally created a way for iCloud users to delete their account. This is welcome news for anyone who has accidentally created an additional iCloud account over the years. I know so many people who have done this on the advice of Apple Geniuses, many of whom seemed to be confused when iCloud initially launched. Some Geniuses were telling people to create a new iCloud account, unaware that your existing MobileMe account was already automatically converted to an iCloud account.

To do that just head over to and log in with the account that you want to get rid of. Note that not only will this permanently get rid of things stored in your account like contacts and calendars, but it will also delete your iTunes and App Store purchases. So for some people, adding that other account as a “family member” might be a better option if you have purchased music and movies that you want to keep.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to merge iCloud accounts, but this is a good start.