Easily Share Wi-Fi Passwords with Other People and Devices

You’re on vacation with your family, staying in an Airbnb, with multiple Apple devices to connect to the apartment’s Wi-Fi. Typing the password repeatedly would be a pain, but luckily, Apple has added a password-sharing feature to all its operating systems. Once you enter the password on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad, whenever someone else—or another of your devices—tries to connect to the Wi-Fi network, your device will prompt you to share the password. Just tap or click Share Password. It’s also a great way to share your home Wi-Fi password with a visitor. Even your guest network! You don’t have to be currently connected to the network a friend is trying to connect to; it just needs to be known to your device.

For password sharing to work, both devices must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and Personal Hotspot disabled, and you and the other person must have each other’s Apple ID email address saved in Contacts.

(Featured image by Adam Engst)

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