Does Your Magic Mouse Need More Juice? Here’s How to Check

It’s unfortunate that the most recent iteration of the Magic Mouse has its Lightning charging port on the bottom, making it impossible to use while charging, unlike the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, which both work fine when plugged in. Luckily, the battery does usually last a month or two and only takes a few minutes to charge enough for a few hours of work. But to check if your Magic Mouse needs charging before it starts to nag (and starts acting a little funky with random disconnects), look in one of these spots. If your menu bar is displaying the Bluetooth icon, click it, and the charge level should show up. Or in macOS Big Sur or later click the Control Center icon on the menu bar (the icon that has two slider switches) and click Bluetooth. You can also look in System Preferences, in either the Bluetooth preference pane or the Mouse preference pane. In my experience, the Bluetooth menu is the easiest if your computer shows it.

Further Help

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