Apple Watch tip: clear all notifications

One of my favorite benefits of wearing my Apple Watch is that I when I get a notification I can quickly glance at it and choose to ignore it. Most of the notifications I receive are not urgent, and it may sound silly, but pulling my phone out of my pocket is a far more involved process, and because of my sunk cost I’m more likely to interrupt myself to take care of whatever it is that popped up, even if it’s just reading a comment on Facebook.

So, with Apple Watch, I tend to glance and then put my arm right back down. The problem is that notifications were building up and I’d have a dozen notifications to clear. At first I was tapping each one and then clearing them individually. Then I discovered that if I clear them from the Notification Center on my iPhone it clears from my Apple Watch. But now I have discovered I can force-touch (press your screen hard) on any of the notifications in your Apple Watch Notification Center to bring up a button to “Clear All”.

Clear All