Apple releases macOS 13.5.1 and watchOS 9.6.1

This week Apple released two very small bug fix updates. On Tuesday, watchOS 9.6.1 was released to fix a problem third-party apps had with tracking symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease. Yesterday, macOS 13.5.1 was released to fix a problem with making changes to the list of apps that are allowed to see your location. To be clear, it wasn’t that apps were allowed to see your location suddenly, but if you had given or denied location permission to an app, you were unable to change the setting later.

While neither update indicates that there are any security-related fixes, you may want to update even if you weren’t affected by these specific bugs. We are nearing the end of the update cycle for Apple software, with iOS 17 likely being released in about four weeks. So the software that is out there is about as stable as it gets. That’s why these updates are so minor.

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