Apple releases iOS 14.6, macOS 11.4, and other OSes

Today Apple released updates across all of their operating systems. This includes:

  • iOS 14.6
  • iPadOS 14.6
  • watchOS 7.5
  • tvOS 14.6
  • HomePod 14.6
  • macOS 11.4

While this is mostly a maintenance, bug fix, and security update, these updates are not without additional features:

  • Podcasts gets new subscription options, allowing content producers to charge for access to podcasts, premium content, ad-free alternatives, early access, more.
  • Apple Music gets a sound quality upgrade with lossless audio, Dolby Atmos, and spatial audio at no additional cost. Supported hardware required. Coming in June.
  • Apple Card Family allows Apple Card to be shared with others in the family, including children aged 13+. You can also set spending limits. The ability for existing Apple Card accounts and credit limits to be merged is coming in July.

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