Apple releases AirPort firmware 7.9.1 or, why is my AirPort light orange?

Last week Apple released firmware version 7.9.1 for Wireless-AC AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. This is a security fix, so I recommend installing it right away. If the light on your AirPort recently changed to orange, this is likely the reason why. It’s just trying to get your attention.

To update, open the AirPort Utility app. You can find it in your Applications/Utilities folder, you can search for it with Spotlight, or if you are using iPhone or iPad you can download it from the App Store. Click your AirPort in the app, enter your AirPort admin password if requested (this might not be the same as your WiFi password–if you don’t know it you may need to perform a soft reset), and look for the Update button. Your network may go down for up to five minutes. Apple has detailed instructions on their website.

If you get an error message saying that it can’t update then you may need to restart your AirPort first and then try again. Just disconnect the power and plug it back in.

This update is only for the Wireless-AC routers. In other words, the ones that are tall while towers.