Apple Music Classical now available in the App Store

Last night Apple released the long-awaited Apple Music Classical app, nearly two years after purchasing the classical music streaming service Primephonic. Apple Music Classical is included with an Apple Music subscription. The app is only available for iPhone. I haven’t heard anything about future expansion to iPad or Mac but I think it would make sense.

‎Apple Music Classical
‎Apple Music Classical
Developer: Apple
Price: Free

If you have existing Apple Music playlists with classical music they will appear in the Classical app.

If you aren’t familiar with classical music, a separate app might seem silly but it really is quite necessary for the genre. Classical music metadata is far more complex than pop music metadata because there is a particular focus on composers, conductors, catalog numbers, works, venues, and more. It’s not a simple “Artist, Album, Song” format that the standard Apple Music app is designed around. There is also a lot more academic information to be had so the app serves as an educational tool as well.

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