Apple extends warranty for faulty butterfly keyboards

Today Apple announced a repair program for users experiencing issues with the new low-profile “butterfly ” keyboards that Apple started shifting to in 2015. Customers with the issue have keys that repeat, keys that don’t type easily, or keys that are stiffer than others. It’s a rather uncommon issue, but this is welcome news because the $700 repair fee was not fun if you got unlucky.

Apple is extending warranty service for this issue for four years from the date your model went on sale. Other issues are not covered by this warranty extension. If you previously paid to have this issue fixed you should contact Apple for a refund.

If you seem to be affected the first thing you should do is try fixing it yourself. These keyboards don’t tolerate crumbs or other small foreign objects, so using a can of compressed air per Apple’s instructions can dislodge it and return your keyboard to normal working order. Please read the instructions, as they are far more specific than just “blow air on the keyboard”.

If that doesn’t solve the problem read Apple’s details on the issue for service options. And be sure your computer is backed up before you send it off. Apple typically tries to keep your data safe but occasionally the whole computer requires replacement or a problem requires them to wipe the drive.