Alternative Calendars for iOS

My only major complaint about iOS 7 is the new calendar app. I miss the agenda view where you tap a day and you see a list of all of your appointments for the day. In the new calendar you have to tap each day and then scroll through the whole day view to see what’s happening. I have a habit of reviewing my calendar for the week every Sunday, and this makes the whole process quite tedious.

Fortunately there are lots of third-party options that integrate with the built-in calendars quite nicely. You can still use Siri to add items and you can use the new Today screen to see your upcoming appointments even if you’re using a third-party app.

Earlier this year Lifehacker had an overview of the best iOS calendar alternatives, though my personal favorite is new to the game. I use the free Tempo Smart Calendar. What I really like is that it looks for names in events and cross-references them with your email, searching for any relevant messages and links to them on the event detail view, keeping any related information in a single place.

Are you also finding yourself frustrated by the new calendar? Have you got a calendar app that you find works well for you? Let me know in the comments below.