Advanced WiFi connection details in AirPort Utility

AirPort Utility 6, though it dropped a lot of function that people miss, does have some hidden power. You may have seen this before: if you click on an AirPort device in the main window you’ll get a pop-up with details for the router, including the names of all connected WiFi devices. What you might not have noticed, however, is that if you hover over any of the client names you’ll see lots of details that can help you diagnose network problems including IP address, MAC address, signal strength, data rate, and WiFi technology type.

This information can be accessed in the AirPort Utility iOS app as well, though it’s not as hidden. Simply tap the router, tap “Wireless Clients” and then browse around for the information that you need to find.

Of course, this only works if you’re using an Apple AirPort device. Other brands of routers often have their own methods for getting this diagnostic information.

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